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About us

The Salladh crew builds one unique Marketing Content Design Agency that harmonises the individual talents of its members to provide innovative marketing solutions for clients. For over ten years, Salladh has delivered ideas, experience and imagination to tell the stories you as marketers need told. Stories that increase awareness, revenue and brand recognition for your products and services.

What we do

Salladh works with strategic and operational marketing issues, marketing, design, project management and production. We place a greater emphasis on content than concept and always look to be proactive in all projects.


MCDA - Marketing Content Design Agency
Everything from a product or service to a satisfied consumer.

Consider us a platform assisting you with your needs at a specific moment. We want to generate and deliver simple, smart solutions that everyone can grasp.That is why we emphasis content rather than concept and work with detailed core values for companies or brands, which we develop, and nurture, together with our clients.



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